May I have a friend or spouse join me just for meals?

Yes.  The A-la-carte pricing gives you the option to purchase certain meals so a guest/spouse may join you, without participating in the lectures or museum tours.  However, this option is not available for the Tuesday and Wednesday light breakfasts during the lecture times.

Is there a dress code?

No formal dress code. Casual and comfortable attire is suggested.  Guests are encouraged to show off their style, but be comfortable while doing so.  Please keep in mind that the museum tours will include standing and walking.

Why are the bus rides extra for the trips to the Willard House and the ACWM?

Bus rides are an option.  We realize that some attendees would prefer to drive themselves and have flexibility.  If you would like to ride the bus, seats are limited and are available first come.  Wouldn’t you like to let someone else do the driving…

Will dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Yes.  We will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions.  We ask that you help us to help you and let us know your dietary needs when you register. 

What restaurants are nearby for the Dine On Your Own (Wednesday lunch & dinner)?
What else is there to do in the area either before or after the Time Symposium?

Extended Options Following the Time Symposium Program

  • Friday – 25 October – Preview of Dan Horan’s Next Auction Items
    • Time and location to be announced soon
  • Saturday – 26 October – NE Chapter 8 Meeting in  Auburn, MA – 20 min from Sturbridge.
    • Time and location to be announced soon
    • Russ Oechsle – Guest Speaker – Without Equal: The Clocks of Abner Jones of Bloomfield, New York (Alternate title: The Story of a Boy from Pittsfield, NH Who Makes Good as a Clockmaker in Upstate NY) The huge, flamboyant, unique clocks made by Abner Jones in the period 1818-41 have emerged over time as some of the most intriguing of all those made in upstate NY,  while Jones, the man, has remained an enigma. This program, based on the 2022 NAWCC publication, will provide new findings and information so as to finally do this remarkable maker justice.

Other options: